I'm a huge self-proclaimed pyjamas & loungewear fanatic. I come from a home where it's normal to wear old or torn clothes as loungewear, so I've considered that pretty normal for a majority of my life. A few years back I made a deal with myself to wear nice clothes (read: not full of ketchup stains) even when no one is watching. It just seemed so confliting for me to switch from a nice, well-dressed girl to a sloppy, messy one come night around. It felt like turning back into a pumpkin. Not to mention, I have had my fair share of awkward experiences with people coming over unexpectedly with me standing there in super weird attires. Considering we spend most of our free time in loungewear or pyjamas anyway, I don't see why this is something we shouldn't invest in. I fell in love with every single one of these items from the Zara loungewear section (who knew Zara even had one?!) and have gathered some pictures from their spring-summer collection. Aren't they just a dream? I feel they fit my style like a glove, looking simple and classic, yet elevated, silky and super comfortable! Now I just need a Spanish hacienda to casually parade in!


Well, writing this post has taken longer than expected! If these photos seem a little like I’ve gone to visit my rich grandma in the countryside, that’s kind of like it is. A while back I came up with the idea of using the hotel I work in as a photo location. After all, it’s not like everyone has a possibility of shooting in such a fantastic setting and the days here also aren’t warm enough to venture outside in blouses and pumps. I desperately wanted to take photos of the beautiful blouse I got from Zara and now I can show you this fantastic location in addition. You’ve probably already seen that ruffles are huge this spring (figuratively and literally – I mean, have you seen them?) and I have absolutely fallen for the trend. It’s so fresh and feminine and honestly fits so well with the elegance of this grand, historic swiss-style building. She truly is a grand dame by the fjord so if you're ever in Norway, come say hi!