I'm a huge self-proclaimed pyjamas & loungewear fanatic. I come from a home where it's normal to wear old or torn clothes as loungewear, so I've considered that pretty normal for a majority of my life. A few years back I made a deal with myself to wear nice clothes (read: not full of ketchup stains) even when no one is watching. It just seemed so confliting for me to switch from a nice, well-dressed girl to a sloppy, messy one come night around. It felt like turning back into a pumpkin. Not to mention, I have had my fair share of awkward experiences with people coming over unexpectedly with me standing there in super weird attires. Considering we spend most of our free time in loungewear or pyjamas anyway, I don't see why this is something we shouldn't invest in. I fell in love with every single one of these items from the Zara loungewear section (who knew Zara even had one?!) and have gathered some pictures from their spring-summer collection. Aren't they just a dream? I feel they fit my style like a glove, looking simple and classic, yet elevated, silky and super comfortable! Now I just need a Spanish hacienda to casually parade in!


Well, writing this post has taken longer than expected! If these photos seem a little like I’ve gone to visit my rich grandma in the countryside, that’s kind of like it is. A while back I came up with the idea of using the hotel I work in as a photo location. After all, it’s not like everyone has a possibility of shooting in such a fantastic setting and the days here also aren’t warm enough to venture outside in blouses and pumps. I desperately wanted to take photos of the beautiful blouse I got from Zara and now I can show you this fantastic location in addition. You’ve probably already seen that ruffles are huge this spring (figuratively and literally – I mean, have you seen them?) and I have absolutely fallen for the trend. It’s so fresh and feminine and honestly fits so well with the elegance of this grand, historic swiss-style building. She truly is a grand dame by the fjord so if you're ever in Norway, come say hi!


I've been obsessed with blush pink for a while now and needless to say, my wardrobe has slowly but surely been transforming into that colour like nobody's business. Two of my most recent purchases - blush pink pumps from Aldo and a matching purse from Dune London - are just the icing on the cake. I fell in love with this Saint Laurent Sac De Jour-esque bag the minute I saw it and felt it to be a good addition to my wardrobe (without being too much of a copy). With the shoes I wanted to go for a timeless look, but have them be as comfortable as possible. These Aldo shoes really ticked the box, as the heels are, for 10 cm, surprisingly comfortable to walk in. Pumps probably aren't going to be my everyday shoe choice, but I already have a few outfits thought of that they would look excellent with!


Today's topic is an oldy but a goody, an echo of perfumes past. The classic Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette was introduced to the market in 2007, making this year its tenth anniversary. I had, of course, smelled the perfume before, but somehow in a myriad of scents in department stores, it never made a strong impression on me. I disregarded the scent pretty fast, claiming it's too girly, too simple, too childish for my tastes, but ever since purchasing this, have quickly changed my mind. It is easily one of the more elegant, feminine scents I've ever encountered. Since the beginning of the fragrance, Marc Jacobs has expanded the Daisy-line by a large range of spin-offs (Daisy Dream, Daisy Eau So Fresh etc) and continues to come out with new ones each year. It is, however, the classic 2007 edition that I would like to talk about today.


Well, that title is definitely a cringe-worthy pun, but I couldn't think of anything better to describe what I saw when I looked out the window on the 9th of March. That's right! Not days before Christmas, not the 1st of January. Like literally 3 days ago. I was getting ready to wear high heels with pink tops and frills for spring already. We quickly ran out to capture the cool weather, even though I have to say, snow, you're like two months too late.


I don't know if and how you celebrate Women's Day where you are reading this from but in Estonia, it's like a second Valentine's Day in a sense that men give women flowers... and that's kind of it. When I was in high school, I felt so entitled to these flowers, I was seriously offended when my boyfriend at the time didn't provide them in time. This year is the first year in my life, when I've started to think about Women's Day differently. Instead of feeling so entitled someone should do something for us, why don't we do something for each other?


Sunday mornings are my favourite time. I guess there's something distinctively fleeting about the fact that in only a matter of hours, the (disquieting) thoughts about work, school or responsibilities catch up with you. Sunday mornings are the last time before a whole new week starts and the last moments to take a few deep breaths before diving into the work or school week. I like to keep my Sundays pretty chill, so you won't be finding me planning outfits for a full five days or in the kitchen meal prepping for a whole week. Whilst these things are important, I definitely lack the skills of planning things so far in advance. I've listed nine things I do like to do on Sundays just to catch that last wave of relaxation, before a whole new hectic week starts.



These days, taking good care of my skin has become a big part of my life, but this hasn't always been the case. I've always had fairly normal skin with barely any breakouts, so in the past, I've kind of just "winged it" with skin care. I even remember boasting in the past: “Oh, I don’t need any of that stuff, there’s nothing wrong with my skin”. Because my face seldom got dry, I barely ever even moisturised. I've since then realised that none of us can escape time (or gravity for that matter) and fast forward five years, I've noticed fine lines (and some not so fine) around my eyes, forehead and even an angry little wrinkle between my brows. I don't want to look way older than I am in another five years, so investing in skin care has become a way of looking healthier and more beautiful in the long run. There is, of course, other factors to consider - nutrition and exercise, for example - but it is skin care that I would like to focus on today.


Valentine's Day has come around again! I know a lot of people don't really care for the day (I've also felt that way) and though we should appreciate our significant others every day, it does feel nice to have a set day to celebrate love and dear ones. It's also a good excuse to eat some cake, put on a nice dress and go on a date. I'm not big on going out for Valentines', so last year we celebrated by throwing a brunch of sorts (see it here). I baked a lot of goodies, we sat down, ate and exchanged our presents. I thought we'd keep the tradition alive and had the same brunch this year. Since we are both working on the 14th, we used this last beautiful Sunday before to celebrate.


As I’m continuing with the series leading up to Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d tackle the impossible task of finding gifts for guys. Girls are so easy to understand – a new perfume, dainty jewelry or anything pink, whilst guys, I have a much harder time finding gifts for. For me, the most important criteria for the perfect gift is seeing it utilized to death. Nothing makes me happier than seeing said gift used or worn all the time. Of course, guys can be very different, but from what I’ve understood, they’re not really that into all the bells and whistles and cutesy stuff. Guys can still appreciate sleek, beautiful design though and I’ve gathered some items here that have worked as good gifts for me.


Pictures from Pinterest & (the first)
Hi, everyone! As you probably know, Valentine's Day is approaching with rapid speed! My first thought was, of course, what am I going to wear? I quickly took to Pinterest and came up with a few ideas! My inital thought was not to go overboard and and to find inspiration to incorporate my everyday wear in a more festive manner, but this turned into a festival of pink balloons and flowers pretty fast! Some of these looks are still pretty basic and I could see myself using my everyday clothes for them. Last year I was definitely more into blacks, deep reds and lace, while this year it's all about the girly pinks, toned down pastels and innocent whites! What are your plans for this Valentine's Day?


I've recently been on a ColourPop binge (you can read about my opinion on their eyeshadows here) and today is no exception. As you may have guessed from the pictures, my order didn’t only consist of eyeshadows, some highlighters and liquid lipsticks also found their sneaky little way into my shopping bag. I’m giving a quick overview of the highlighters and ultra matte liquid lipsticks I purchased. Just so you are not confused about the title - there is a ColourPop giveaway going on in the blog, but since this is my first time ever trying something like this, I've limited the participants as only people living in Estonia. I will try my best to make future giveaways international though! Without further ado, on to the products!


I’ve been curious about ColourPop for a while now, but unfortunately it's not readily available in Europe. I finally made the jump and ordered some products from the website. Just a heads up - if you are planning to order from outside the US (like me), you will probably have to pay a tax – the tax-free minimum to order into Europe is around €20 (it varies from country to country, so be sure to check it out before ordering). If you order anything over that, you have to pay value added tax. You can get free shipping on the ColourPop website on orders over $50, so either way you look at it, it works up to around $10 extra on the bill. I jumped on the wagon on a weekend they had some extremely good offers, so I found the difference wasn't so bad. But enough rambling about the money though and let's get to the products!


I’m really not one for recapping the whole year, probably because I’ve forgot most of what went down further than two months ago anyway. I had some milestones I was happy for in 2015 – graduating University, receiving a driver’s license and getting Noodle. This year has had far fewer big life changes but I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing.