We have not been blessed with any nice weather these last weeks. It has just been raining non-stop and I've lost all hope of ever wearing anything impractical (read: not warm) ever again. Just as I'm typing this, I'm wrapped in a blanket with two pairs of sweaters, drinking my third cup of tea.
It's that bad. The thing that has been comforting me, is the thought of a new beautiful winter coat. I can just picture myself gliding through city streets in the beautiful fabric (in my dreams I'm also about 180 cm tall, live in NY and can casually afford a Burberry coat). In reality I'm contemplating if this type of coat has any practical value against the cold and will it resemble a bathrobe on my short body? I might have to resort to wearing heels all winter long. Which coat do you think I should pick?

Meil on jätkuvalt jube ilm ning minu mõtted käivad ainult sellest, kuidas sooja leida. Hetkel seda trükkides kössutan lõdisedes kahe kampsuni ja teetassiga pleedi all. Mõtlen härdalt sellest uuest talvemantlist ning kujutan ette, kuidas selles graatsiliselt mööda linna liuglen (oma mõtetes olen muidugi ka modellimõõtu suurlinnapreili). Reaalsuses mõtlen, kas selline mantel ka külma vastu aitab ja minu seljas kahtlaselt hommikumantlit meenutama ei hakka? Rasked otsused. Millise ma teie arvates peaks valima?
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