Eyeshadow palettes fall into the category of some of my favourite things. If you can get one for an affordable price, that works like a wonder – well, I love that even more. I don’t go too wild with my colour selection though, as the neutral shades of tan, brown and gold usually work the best for me. I was in the mood of trying something new, so I went for the Blushed Nudes palette by Maybelline.


It is way too early to dream about summer, so that's exactly what I am doing. It's not even May and there is nothing I'd rather do than sit on the porch in my bikini with a cold berry smoothie in hand. The weather is, of course, inadequate even for spring, with windy days and moody clouds. In any case, I am already prepared for the summer, even if it means having to wear a bikini indoors...


While being the self-proclaimed perfume fanatic that I am, I don't tend to have that many in my possession at any given time. It all just gets a bit too crowded, too hard to choose from and in the end the scents just tend to stay unused until time of expiration. I try to follow a rule of one-out-one-in (sometimes I fail though) so that the shelf doesn't get too crowded. Allthough it is better to store your perfumes in the dark, for me, like for many, the intricate bottles are so pleasing to look at, I don't have the heart to lock them in a cupboard. So without further ado, here is a peek at my my perfume collection.


I'm, of course, talking about the smoothie bowl. When these first started emerging, the grumpy old lady in me raised its head and mumbled: "Why should I start eating my smoothies any different? They're have been perfectly fine drunk from a glass so far." One day I had some strawberries at hand and thought I could give this a go. I was not dissapointed. There is something essentially rewarding about beautifying your breakfast, or any meal for that matter, and I've been obsessed with these bowls of happiness ever since.


 If there's one thing I hold dear to my heart, it's the wonderful world of perfume. I would describe myself as in sort of a transtitional phase, with mainstream perfumes not giving me a sufficient  thrill anymore and niche perfumes feeling a bit over the top. This is the perfect entry level for Jo Malone perfumes, because while feeling like a luxurious exclusive addition to my perfume collection, they remain simple and elegant in nature. Here's a quick layout of the two perfumes I recently recieved: the English Pear & Freesia and the Pomegranate Noir colognes.


We've been looking to fill an extra room to serve as a sort of home office area and it'd also have to be a place to put all the extra things we can't fit anywhere else. It served this purpose before, but in a manner where everything was all in the open, stacked up against a wall in the room. I've talked about my interior inspirations here, now I'm happy to say we made the trip to IKEA yesterday and managed to assemble everything in an evenings time.


I have been a certified designer bag ogler for the longest time and allthough this doesn't really reach the heights of Louis Vuitton or Dior, it certainly does not mean this bag is any less beautiful to look at! I've always loved Ted Baker for their aesthetics and consistency in design - when you look at their bags, you immediately feel the signature. Not to mention the beautiful feminine patterns they create. The Ted Baker Sefina Shadow Floral clutch bag went straight to my ASOS shopping bag without even a heartbeat.


It seems I always find at least one damaging beauty habit to indulge in. It used to be eyelash extensions from what my lashes came out in a tragic state, and now it is gel nail polish. It started small, like it always does, with me getting my toes done in the salon. The experience was exuberating, albeit also a little scary letting someone touch my feet (it's a thing I have, I don't know). Someone pampering you for an hour, scrubs, masks, perfectly shaped toenails... I didn't even know it could be done.


Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Ours has been really sunny and wonderful! Today I'm sharing some outfit photos from a little walk we took yesterday. I kept it quite casual, as you would, I suppose, picking up furniture and walking a dog. The scenery on these photos is just wonderful and I feel so lucky to live in Norway!


Hello, darlings! I have a topic close to my heart to talk about today. You all have probably heard of / tried the new (well, semi-new) trick of multimasking. I, too, had come across articles and beauty gurus talking about it, but kind of shrugged it off as a new pointless trend. But boy, was I wrong! Stick around and check out the trick I used so all parts of my face were happy with just one fifteen minute pampering mask.


Hello, my lovelies! On a scale from 1 to 10, how proud do you think I am of that post title? There isn't too much I have to say except I bought new kicks, thought they were amazing and took 109228439 pictures of them. They are the adidas Originals Superstar 80s Rose Gold Metal Toe Cap Trainers and they're just perfection. I immediately fell in love with them and put myself on the waiting list so the Zalando website would notify me if my size came back to stock.


Hello, everyone! Today I'm coming to you with another Sunday in pictures post, allthough today it mostly consists of snapshots of Noodle being cute. I've had a cold for the past few days and have not been feeling well at all! So I've been slowly but steadily sneezing, using up every single handkerchief in this household and drinking excessive amounts of peppermint tea. I managed to snap some pictures though and as always, Noodle was my favourite subject.


Hello, lovelies! I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday today! As promised, I'm continuing with my regular posts, allthough I can't say I usually have a specific order to them. It's mostly what has been on my mind or making me happy at the time and that I'm hoping will interest you as well.