The pictures are from Pinterest and Google Search. Pildid Pinterestist ja Google Searchist.

I don't know about you, but even though it's still snowy outside where I live, there's a little spring enthusiast awakening in me and I keep picturing myself strolling around town in a pink blush coat with a coffee cup on one hand and Noodle in the other while the sun is shining and birds are chirping.
I've been so obsessed with this colour combination that I drove for an hour to go look for a coat similar to these in another town. I think about it, keep seeing it everywhere and am generally obsessed. It doesn't really limit to blush coats only, I've been looking at blush bags, heels, sneakers and I pin every picture with something pastel pink on it. So that's what's up.

Kuigi siinmail on veel üsna lumine, tõstab mu sees pead mingi entusiastlik kevadlaps, kes juba kujutab ette, et päikesepaistes ja linnulaulus oma pastelse roosa mantliga ringi patseerib. Ühes käes Nuudel, teises kohvitops. Musta ja pastelse roosa kombinatsioon painab mind nii, et sõitsin tund aega teise linna, et sealt mingit sarnast mantlit leida. Kinnisidee ei piirdu ainult mantlitega, unistan ka pastelsetest jalanõudest, käekottidest, isegi interjöörist ja pin-in Pinterestis kõike, mis selle värviga seotud on. Selline elu siis.

All the best to you! Do you have a colour obsession? Teile kõike parimat! Kas teil on värvikinnisideed?


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