The cruise boats from Tallinn to Stockholm are a pretty popular way to spend some leisure time among Estonians (maybe Swedes as well). When driving to Norway, we also spend a night travelling to this destination. The alcohol and tax-free shops there are a favourite among passangers and allthough I promise myself each time that I'm not going to buy anything, I still manage to walk off the cruise with a bag full of goodies in my hand. These are my purchases from this time (some reasonable.. others not so much).


I travelled back to Norway recently and thought I'd show you the contents of my make-up bag for when I'm on the go. The keywords here are minimal products and maximum space, because nobody wants to travel with big, uncomfortable suitcases hoarding massive amounts of products you are probably not going to use.


I know I'm kind of an a roll with these bag stories these days, but I saw these Valentino 2016 pre-fall collection bags and they look incredible. The detail, the stitching, the embellishments! I've listed my personal favourites below.


Not really, or not yet, but here's hoping! These are my top six favourite bags at the moment. Needless to say, this is a selection of bags that are quite popular at the moment and allthough lovely to look at, I don't know if I would really invest in a Chloé Drew bag, because I feel it's a bit of a one season trend. Of course, if I had the cash to spend, I'd get it in a heartbeat, but considering my financial situation, if I do invest in a bag, it will have to be a timeless piece (and be passed down in my will to my favourite person).

Või mitte! Või noh, loodame, et ühel ilusal päeval! Need on minu kuus kõige lemmikumat käekotti. Siin valikus on kõik väga populaarsed valikud ja erinevates blogides eksponeeritakse neid söögi alla ja söögi peale. Kuigi kõik väga ilusad, ei ole ma kindel, kas investeeriks Chloé Drew kotti, sest tunnen, et see on vaid ühe hooaja trendikott. Kui mul oleks sellist raha, muidugi, siis silm ka ei pilguks! Aga olles sellises finantsolukorras nagu ma olen, peaks sobiv kott olema ajatu (ja päranduma edasi mu kõige lemmikumale inimesele).

1. Celiné Luggage Tote; 2. Chanel Boy Bag; 3. Givenchy Antigona
4. Saint Laurent Sac du Jour; 5. Chloé Drew; 6. Saint Laurent Classic Monogram


I've unexpectedly picked up some new items and thought I would share them with you. One of the purchases I made was from an online shop that had a deal on all Caudalie products (buy for a certain amount and get a free makeup bag with samples).

everyday dark eye

Today I wanted to share a make up look I wear quite often. It emphasizes your eyes just a little and can be worn day and night. If you are like me and go to friends places for unformal parties and want to feel comfortable, not overdone but still like you've made an effort, this is a look for that.

workout mode

This blog actually started as a motivational, keeping your food intake check type of blog, but turned into something else really fast (it's clear where my real priorities are). I've been trying to control my nutrition and exercise and trying to lose weight but am in a really low motivational place at the moment.

the golden hour

A couple of days back we had some awesome sunny weather and decided to take a trip to the beach with Noodle. We didn't plan on taking any photos but since they turned out so nice, I decided to share them anyway. Stick around for a glimpse into our everyday life (manically taking pictures and yelling to eachother to make Noodle do cool stuff for the camera)!


Salaja on minu meigisahtlisse hiilinud mitu La Biosthetique toodet ja selle tõttu, et ma üheski neist veel pettuma pole pidanud, otsustasin neist siin juttu teha.